Monday, June 22, 2009

Rival or Hamilton Beach?

Do you use only one brand of crockpot or do you have many different brands in your cabinets? I happen to have many different brands...Rivals and Hamilton Beach. So which do I like better?

Well...Hazel was a Rival Brand and she lasted a long, long, long over the years, I have been very fond of Rival. I have always asked for Rival crock pots for gifts, and have always purchased that brand for myself.

But I started noticing that the Rivals were starting to break, even the newer ones. The glass lids would be cracked and sometimes they were even shattered. Which would ruin our dinner, etc.

I even had one Rival crock pot where the handles came off, and the temperature knob fell off within 2 months of getting the slow cooker.

So little-by-little, I started purchasing and asking for Hamilton Beach slow cookers and crock pots and have found that they are very well made.

George has been a very nice replacement for Hazel (of course there will never be another Hazel, but...)

So I guess, my final answer would be that I prefer Hamilton Beach crock pots over Rival crockpots..

What about you? What is your favorite brand of crockpot?

Happy Slow Cooking! Hugs...


Bish Denham said...

I have an ancient Rival that I inherited from my husband's mother! (And we've been married darn near 24 years...) It's so old the ceramic part of the pot is not removeable. I don't use it all that much, though you're recipes have inspired me. What I can say is that it seems to work just fine and I have no intension of getting a new one until she decides to "go away."

Mominin said...

I only have a Rival and I've had it for 10 years now (a wedding present). I really like mine, but I know my Mom has had trouble finding one she likes. All the newer ones she's gotten have cooked way to hot.

Kate said...

Here in Aus, I don't think we have either of those brands. But the one I have works nicely.

Icy BC said...

My crockpot is a Hamilton, and it's perfectly in great condition, though there are signs of wear and tear, but still working!

Kelly said...

I have a Rival (which I also received as a wedding gift 14 years ago), but I think I'd be happy with either brand!