Monday, June 29, 2009

How do I use my crock pot the correct way?

The Q&A for today is:

How do I use my crockpot the correct way?

As easy as slow cookers are to use, they do come with a few rules...
  1. Make sure you don't over fill your crock pot...You only want to fill the crockpot 1/2 to 3/4 full. If you overfill the slow cooker, your food might not cook the proper way. It may be undercooked and you might end up with spills. When you use a crock pot, it creates condensation and this will add liquid to your 'pot', so if you overfill it, you might end up with spillage.
  2. The removable stoneware is oven safe up to 400', so you can put it in the oven. BUT do not use on gas or electric burners and do not use during broiling..
  3. Do NOT ever use your crock pot to reheat the food that was cooked in it the day before. Because it takes so long for the crock pot to get hot enough to start cooking that your food might spoil. You can warm the crock in the microwave.
I do find it easier to put any leftovers into a different container and wash the crockpot the same night I use it. It just seems to clean up better.

Hope this helps give your crockpot a longer lifespan...

Happy Slow Cooking...Hugs..

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Rena said...

After holding out forever, I finally tried the crock-pot cooking bags. They really make clean-up easy. I don't use them for everything though, since some things (like lasagna) are hard to scoop out from the bag.

Great tips!